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The Uzbek language belongs to the group of Turkic languages of the western branch of the Karluk languages. Unlike other Turkic languages, vowel harmony has been almost completely lost in modern Uzbek, although it is still observed in some of its dialects, as well as in the related Karluk-Uighur subgroup of Turkic languages. The vocabulary of the modern Uzbek language is based on words of common Turkic origin, however, unlike the neighboring Kipchak languages, the Uzbek vocabulary is rich in Sogdian, Persian and Arabic borrowings. The influence of the Russian language is noticeable in the preserved significant layer of household, socio-political and technical vocabulary that came during the conquest of Turkestan by tsarist Russia. Currently, Uzbekistan uses an alphabet based on Latin script. In Afghanistan, an alphabet based on Arabic script is used. The number of native speakers of the Uzbek language in the world is about 33 million people.