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To launch the English-German translator, enter English text in the top edit box and click the "Translate" button. You will see the translated text in the edit box below.

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Second English to German translator

Another English-German translator for translating texts, words and sentences. This translator has a limitation of 1000 characters per translation.

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German is an Indo–European language belonging to the West Germanic group of Germanic languages. Linguists believe that German is most closely related to other West Germanic languages, namely Afrikaans, Dutch, English and Frisian. German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. German is widely taught as a foreign language, especially in continental Europe, where it is the third most popular foreign language (after English and French), German writing is based on the Latin alphabet. There are 26 pairs of Latin letters in the German alphabet. German has many regional dialects. There are 3 main groups of dialects: Low German, Middle German and South German. The total number of speakers is about 90 million people. Another 40 million people speak German as a second language.