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The Kurdish languages belong to the Iranian branch of the Indo-European family. The Kurdish languages are a combination of different dialects, many of which are not mutually intelligible. The total number of speakers of Kurdish is estimated at about 40-45 million people, making it the fourth most widely spoken language in the Middle East, as well as the third among Iranian languages (after Farsi and Pashto). There are many borrowings from Persian and Arabic in Kurdish. There are also borrowings from the Turkish language. A significant majority of Kurds (approximately 20 million people) speak Kurdish Kurmanji. In the Kurdish Kurmanji, unlike the other dialect of Sorani, the remnants of the case system have been preserved: direct case, indirect and vocative. Also, the division of nouns into masculine and feminine gender has been preserved. The Kurmanji use the Hawar alphabet, which includes 26 letters of the standard Latin alphabet and 5 additional letters with diacritics: Çç, Êê, Îî, Şş and Ûû.