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To launch the English-Afrikaans translator, enter English text in the top edit box and click the "Translate" button. You will see the translated text in the edit box below.

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Second English to Afrikaans translator

Another English-Afrikaans translator for translating texts, words and sentences. This translator has a limitation of 1000 characters per translation.

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Afrikaans is common in South Africa. Afrikaans arose as a result of the merger of various dialects of the Dutch language. Despite the great similarity with the Dutch language (about 90-95% of the words are borrowed from Dutch), the languages differ especially in writing. Many Afrikaans words are borrowed from Portuguese, Bantu, and Khoisan. In South Africa, approximately 7 million people speak Afrikaans, about 13% of the country's population. Afrikaans is also widely spoken in neighboring Namibia, where it is often used as a "lingua franca" — the language of interethnic communication.