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Another Ukrainian-English translator for translating texts, words and sentences. The service is limited to translating 1000 characters a time.

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Ukrainian is one of the Slavic languages, the official language of Ukraine. It is close to Belarusian and Russian, together with which it is part of the East Slavic group of languages. The dialects of the Ukrainian language are traditionally divided into three groups: the southwestern dialect (including Volyn-Podolsk, Galician-Bukovina and Carpathian), the northern dialect and the southeastern dialect, which became the basis of the modern literary language. Ukrainian is often compared to Russian, another East Slavic language, but it is more similar to Belarusian. In addition, the spoken Ukrainian language partially echoes Polish. The Cyrillic alphabet is used as the written language of the Ukrainian language. There are 33 letters in the Ukrainian alphabet. The total number of Ukrainian speakers ranges from 36 to 45 million people.