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To translate from Kurdish (Sorani) to English, enter the text into the top edit window. Click the "Translate" button to start the Kurdish (Sorani) to English translation. You will see the translated text in the window below. The service is limited to 5000 characters per translation.

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The Kurdish Sorani is widespread in the southeastern part of Kurdistan in Iraq (5-6 million people), in Iran from Urmia to Kermanshah (1-2 million), as well as in the Kurdish diaspora of the European Union and the United States (500 thousand). In the 1920s, a written standardization of the Central Kurdish language was developed based on the dialect of the city of Sulaymaniyah. It was named "Sorani" in honor of the powerful emirate of Soran (1399-1836). In linguistics, this name has spread to all other Central Kurdish dialects, conventionally united by the linguonym "Sorani". The tribes speaking the dialect, which is now called Sorani, initially identified themselves as Kurmanji, using as an endo-ethnonym the word that today in linguistics means the dialect of the northern Kurds, while emphasizing their belonging to the Kurdish ethnic group. Since 2005, Kurdish Sorani has received official status and is the second official language of Iraq after Arabic. The writing of the Kurdish Sorani is an Arabic script.