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To use the instant free online Arabic to English translator, please enter the text in the top editing window. After that, please click on the green "Translate" button. You will then see the translated text appear in the window below.

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Another Arabic-English translator for translating texts, words and sentences. The service is limited to translating 1000 characters a time.

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Arabic is commonly referred to as the Middle Semitic languages of the Afrasian macrofamily of languages. Currently, the Arabic language exists in two distinct forms. On the one hand, there is a single Arabic literary language - the common language of education, press, radio, science, literature, oratory for all Arab countries. On the other hand, Arab countries have their own dialects, which the population uses in everyday communication. The dialects of the Arabic language in different countries differ greatly from each other and are often mutually incomprehensible to their native speakers. The main dialects of the Arabic language are Egyptian (about 67 million people in Egypt), Maghreb (about 70 million people in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), Mesopotamian (about 41.2 million people in Iraq), Sudanese Arabic (17 million people in Sudan and parts of southern Egypt), Arabic The Persian Gulf (in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and parts of Oman), the Levantine (about 44 million people in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Turkey).