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To translate from Albanian to English, enter the text into the top edit window. Click the "Translate" button to start the Albanian to English translation. You will see the translated text in the window below. The service is limited to 5000 characters per translation.

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Albanian is the official language of the Republic of Albania, as well as the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo. Large Albanian communities also live in Greece, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Italy. There are two different dialects in the Albanian language: Tosk, which is spoken in the south, and Geghi, which is spoken in the north. The standard Albanian language is based on the Tuscan dialect. The Albanian language is one of the eleven main branches of the Indo-European language family, within which it occupies an independent position. The modern Albanian alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet with diacritical marks. In the past, there were other alphabets based on Latin, Arabic, Greek and Cyrillic letters. The modern Albanian alphabet contains 36 letters. Of these, 29 are consonants, 7 are vowels. 9 letters of the Albanian alphabet are digraphs, 2 letters are written with diacritics. The letter w is not included in the alphabet, it is used only in loanwords. The total number of speakers is about 7 million people.